What is the best computer chess game


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Austin Ferrell    (2006-12-16)
What is the best computer chess game?

Someone here should be able to help me out... should I get Deep Fritz 10, Deep Fritz 8 or Deep Shredder 10 (I'm getting a multiprocessor addition).

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-16 23:38:52)
What is the best chess program ?

Hello Austin.

You mean the best chess engine or full program ? Anyway, I think interfaces are quite the same, with small improvements in Deep Fritz 10.

About the engines, it depends more on what you expect (style of play) and the use... I would have a small preference for Deep Fritz 10 in all cases.

Austin Ferrell    (2006-12-16 23:48:03)
Thanks, same with Deep Junior?

Thanks for the help. I just saw the multiproscessor Deep Junior. Do you still like Deep Fritz 10? The difference is just stylistic instead of the actual substance of the game, right?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-16 23:59:42)
Deep Junior vs. Deep Fritz

Style of play is a bit different while main program is about the same...

Hard to answer without knowing more... What is the chess program of your dreams ? :)

Austin Ferrell    (2006-12-17 02:23:42)
Thanks for the help!

Thank you for helping... I guess I have a decision to make...