What is a normal penis size?

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*biputi    (2010-06-09)
What is a normal penis size?

Hello, my question will look like stupid but I did not found a clear answer yet. I would like to know what is a normal penis size. Are there statistics by country or based on other factors?  Some references will be appreciated. Thank you.

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sunilsamuel    (2011-07-20 17:13:11)
What is a normal penis size?

crazy question but i would answer it....

according to doctors a 4 inch penis is enough to satisfying a women.....long and thick is not a matter...just 4 inch....


Gilet pare balles

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ماذا يكون عاديّة قضيب حجم?    (ar)
Какво е нормална пенис размер?    (bg)
Co je to normální velikost penisu ?    (cs)
Hvad er en normal PENIS størrelse?    (da)
Was ist eine normale Penisgröße?    (de)
Τι είναι ένα κανονικό μέγεθος πεών;    (el)
¿Cuál es un tamaño normal del pene?    (es)
الت‌ رجوليت‌ چه اندازه است?    (fa)
Mitä on normaali koko hävittää?    (fi)
Quelle est une taille normale de pénis ?    (fr)
Abin da na yau da kullum burar yalwata?    (ha)
מה זו ורמלי שופכה בגודל?    (he)
इस बात की है कि एक सामान्य शिश्न आकार?    (hi)
Mi a normális fasz méret?    (hu)
Che cosa è un formato normale del penis?    (it)
正常な陰茎のサイズは何であるか。    (ja)
정상적인 남근 크기는 무엇인가?    (ko)
Wat is een normale penisgrootte?    (nl)
Hva er en normal indadvendt mål?    (no)
Co to jest naturalnym penis wielkości?    (pl)
Que é um tamanho normal do penis?    (pt)
Ceea ce este normal ce dimensiunea?    (ro)
Будет нормальным размером пениса?    (ru)
Šta je normalna Musko Spolovilo veličina?    (sr)
Är vad en det normalapenis storleksanpassar?    (sv)
สิ่งที่เป็นสิ่งปกติลึงค์ขนาดไหนคะ    (th)
Ne normal pipi büyüklüğü?    (tr)
کیا ایک معمول کیر چھاننا?    (ur)
什么是正常阴茎大小?    (zh)

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