What is SEO black hat ?

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*f759c1    (2009-09-09)
What is SEO black hat ?


Does anyone know what SEO BlackHat is exactly ?  I saw this on a SEO website but I did not see any definition for this. Is this a way to cheat and to have a page better ranked in Google search results ?  Is it really possible ?


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*c4d822    (2009-12-24 11:47:56)
What is SEO black hat ?

Black Hat SEO is an unethical way of Optimization..
for example..
Link baiting,
Hidden link or text.. etc,

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devnty06    (2009-12-24 11:51:00)
14 years ago

Black hat SEO is not encouraged by google or any other search engine.

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abiaabida    (2010-02-05 07:06:58)
14 years ago

Hi Buddy!!!

Other than Organic SEO is called... & over spaming activities too called Black Hat SEO... thanks for sharing...meet againWeb Developer Dubai...Web Development Company

*a306f7    (2010-03-06 00:29:57)
14 years ago

doorway page is also black hat method

Tack - Western Saddles

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