What happened to Boris Spassky


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Thibault de Vassal    (2012-08-19)
What happened to Boris Spassky?

After Kasparov vs. Putin, now Spassky vs. ??

A strange story... maybe we'll learn more soon on his last 2 years in french hospitals. Quite hard to conclude anything right now.


Dmitri Mamrukov    (2012-08-19 23:33:36)
What happened to Boris Spassky?

I don't think there is any political case. Most likely, it's purely a personal matter (complicated by his 3 marriages) as Spassky suggested in his version.

I'm sure both brainwashed or paid liberals in Russia must be upset that Spassky fleed to Putin's Russia. :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-08-20 00:01:29)
What happened to Boris Spassky?


Btw I'm quite sure that most paid liberals are brainwashed. But we can probably say the same for non-liberals...

Dmitri Mamrukov    (2012-08-20 03:15:06)
What happened to Boris Spassky?

There are no *paid brainwashed* liberals. Such agents just consciously do their political business (NGO - non-government organization).

Objectively, *any* info source reflects its master's interests. That's why it is useful to use critical thinking to filter info before accepting it at its face value.

Most people are content to be fed by the MSM (mainstream media). They don't think critically as that would involve too much thought, too much questioning. They would rather have convenient answers, so they can move on and get back to their lives, etc. Sheeple psychology. :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-08-20 12:02:20)
What happened to Boris Spassky?

This was quite a joke of course, it all depends on what we hear by "brainwashed", this is very complex. In practice money and dictatorship probably look like each other quite often (I prefer the first one though, probably just because I'm in, but I understand the other choice - none is ideal), everyone just tries to find his interest whatever the context.