Wch groups less than 7 players


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Garvin Gray    (2020-03-04)
Wch groups, less than 7 players

I have asked Thibault a long time ago about this topic, but it has occurred again.

The rules for the WCH is that if a group has less than 7 players, it may be played as a double round robin.

I think this rule should be changed to: If any groups have less than 7 players, then each of those groups will be a double round robin.

I propose this for discussion, and hopefully agreement as I think it is not helpful for the event to hold groups of 5 and only have 4 games for each player.

If one player times out a game in that group, then that result counts for 25% percent of their opponents total score, whilst the rest of the opponents have to battle against that opponent for the full point.

So, I believe with groups less than 7, double round robin should be used. This will make the winner more meaningful and also reduce the impact of any time outs.

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-03-07 22:53:49)
Wch groups, less than 7 players

Well, I can't remember it has been discussed before, but I agree anyway... Unless other players think & argue that it is not a good idea, rules will be updated.

Thanks Garvin!

Zbigniew Szczepanski    (2020-04-10 08:03:33)
Wch groups, less than 7 players

In the "Tournaments" tab under "CHESS RAPID TOURNAMENTS" I miss "FICGS_CHESS_RAPID_GM".

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-04-17 18:21:31)
Wch groups, less than 7 players

Finally, fixed... thank you Zbigniew!