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Wch 7 Group N 01 (chess)

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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-11-17)
Wch 7 Group N 01 (chess)

As it was impossible to build one or two new groups in coherence with existing groups with the players who entered the chess wch waiting list lately, I had to build a special group that I called N_01 .. somewhere between M_01 & regular groups. Most probably 3 or 4 players from this group will be qualified for stage 2.

Jeroen Van Assche    (2010-07-14 17:51:07)
Wch 7 Group N 01 (chess)

Hi Thibault
I won this tournament, but I'm not in round 2 of the 7th Wch cycle. Does this mean I immediately qualified for the Round Robin final (like in the M-groups)? Or did you forget me ;-)?
When I read this post I thought nobody from this tournament would advance immediately to the final.


Thibault de Vassal    (2010-07-14 18:15:14)
Wch 7 Group N 01 (chess)

Hi Jeroen, yes it was not the initial idea (it could have been though), but I had to "invite" one player from the N group to build a 7 players group for the future round-robin final (did not forgot you :))... but this was fully deserved anyway!

Jeroen Van Assche    (2010-07-14 18:58:20)
Wch 7 Group N 01 (chess)