Wch 4 roundrobin final started


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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-15)
Wch 4 round-robin final started !

Finally, the WCH 4 round-robin final tournament started (game 22898 is a win for White). Initially, only 5 players qualified, meaning 2 games with White and 2 games with Black. I was thinking about a future rule to make double round-robin tournaments in this case but I thought it was more interesting to invite 2 players in this particular case due to the results of Alberto and Jason.

Marc Lacrosse    (2009-03-15 15:35:28)
a problem with tournament scheduling.

This is the third time I find myself enrolled in a tournament at a completeley inapproppriated time with regard to my professional duties and leisure time possibilities.

Thibault, you should do something. At least when a tournament start has been delayed for months (or more) like this one please do send a mail or message to all players announcing the date of beginning and asking for confirmation of their participation.

For what regards myself and this wch-4 round-robin final I am in the complete impossibility to free the required amount of time by now : so I regret but I have no other choice than announcing my forfeit for all these games. Please do take my name off.

By the way I won't enroll in any other championship qualifications as long as there are no better rules regarding scheduling and announcements of tournaments start date

It's completely unacceptable to stay without any news for months and then to suddenly discover that you have a new set of games running.


Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-15 17:55:32)
a problem with tournament scheduling

I agree, Marc.

Well, to summary the situation is :

1. It actually happens that tournaments start up to two months late in wch cycles.

2. It would take too much time (compared to the wch tournaments duration) to ask for a confirmation to all qualified players (+ spamfolder & other problems), particularly when a few players may suddenly be invited in a tournament.

3. Players can only withdraw their participation before the wch tournament starts.

IMO, to keep this rapid format, the rules should evolve to : "A player may withdraw from a wch tournament up to 15 days after it started, if he did not play a single move. In this case a player will be immediately invited in replacement. As it is not possible to wait for all confirmations, this player may withdraw from the tournament by following the same rule."

This may at least partly solve the problem. By following this new rule, you may be replaced without any penalty.

What do you think ?

Marc Lacrosse    (2009-03-15 18:39:01)
OK : better than nothing

A good idea I think. Marc

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-15 18:58:58)
wch cycles & rules

In addition and to make the rules clearer and less hard, we may envisage to launch a wch new cycle every 8 or 9 months - in practice 6 months seems to be really short. There are always a few games that can't be adjudicated before the very end.

About the idea to send an email to qualified players to warn them about the start date of the tournaments, I agree that it would be the best way but it may also delay tournaments (+ spamfolder & so on..). In the news, I wrote that the round-robin final would start as soon as game 22898 finished a while ago, then deleted it, which is not enough also. So if all tournaments surely start when a new cycle starts (clearly announced in the news page), it may solve the problem. What do you think ?

Scott Nichols    (2009-03-15 21:05:35)
Excellent solution.

IMO Thibault has come up with exactly the right solution. Maybe there should be a way for all players to withdraw under the same conditions. Sometimes things come up and people can't follow through with what they planned, if they can withdraw without penalty it might save a lot of under 10 move losses and the remaining players just receive a forfeit win. Just an idea.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-15 22:52:47)
Championship rules

Thanks.. well, that's probably not exactly 'perfect' but anyway, let's try this before the next problem. I'll update the rules soon.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-17 22:53:06)
Rules updated

I just made this change in the general rules & chess wch rules :

"11.6 There is no withdrawal, from any tournament, however in the case of multi-stages e.g. world championship tournaments, the games won't be rated if a player warns the referee before the tournament starts and at most 15 days after a new stage started but the first one, then a replacement will occur if possible. (this special rule is particularly dedicated to players surprisingly invited to an advanced wch stage, as it would take too much time to wait for confirmations from all qualified players)"

Don't hesitate to make suggestions if you think it can be better formulated. Thanks in advance.