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Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-29)
WBCCC news

I just got great word form Dadi Jonsson are Tech guy at Rybka. That are playing arena is in beta testing as we speak! And there is an 80% of be successful!

Garvin Gray    (2010-12-29 12:44:11)
WBCCC news

I do not understand, what does this mean? Can you explain further please?

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-29 13:22:29)
WBCCC news

Hi Jimmy & Garvin. Same question here...

Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-29 13:37:49)
WBCCC news

Form the letter I got. This is what I interpret it to be. First there will be a program that the players use. The program allows the players to play there games without having to look thought out the comments form the forum. As one player makes his move. It will go to the another player program ready to make his move next.

Now Dadi made the forum software so that when a move is made. That it will post the move in a thread form the present game between the two players.

So Gray I think Dadi maybe the one to create the games, but you will still be doing the pairings. I sent you his user name so the two of you can would on the other details so you can be the TD.

Ruben Comes    (2010-12-29 13:51:26)
WBCCC news

I don┤t understand. Sorry.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-12-29 14:04:23)
WBCCC news

I think it is about the implementation of the Xfcc client protocol at Rybkaforum.

Jimmy Huggins    (2010-12-29 23:17:16)
WBCCC news

That maybe, But I went a head and posted the message I got for him on the Rybka site here.


Gino Figlio    (2010-12-30 02:58:07)
WBCCC news

I doubt it will be XFCC based since the rybka forum does not support it as far as I know and the remote playing module will interact with the rybka forum to update the games.
I believe this is similar to the remoteschach.de setup where you have the option to send your moves from your computer via a remote program.