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Voting for best game

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Mark Hailes    (2008-03-20)
Voting for best game

Woops screwed up again. I inadvertantly pressed "vote for best game" on a game in my tournament and immediately got a confirmation of the vote. Sadly i don't think it was one of my own games :-) and in any case the tourney has only just started! I think it might be an idea to have a confirmation dialog with the game information that you are voting for, to make it harder for dense people to screw up. BTW is this option for voting for best game in a tournament or some other criteria?

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-03-20 18:27:02)
Voting for best game

A confirmation dialog is a good idea... but voting will be just more "difficult", so I'm not sure. Any opinion ?

There's no criteria... 'best' game, according to each player :)

Mark Hailes    (2008-03-20 23:23:16)
Voting For Best Game

Hi thibault------ Iím a bit envious of those carriage returns you manage to get in your posts... >>>> Voting will be more difficult <<<< I do tend towards laziness in my daily life (I canít imagine life without a dish washer for instance). But even so the fractional mouse movement & additional click would not I think cause me such effort as to eschew voting, but it might make it more likely that Iíd vote for what I consider to be the best game rather than a random one :-). So thatís one vote for the confirmation! >>>> There's no criteria... 'best' game, according to each player :) <<<< I assume then (from this somewhat enigmatic comment!?) that voting is for the best game in the tournament. Perhaps it might make sense not to allow voting on a game until it is finished? It may be that after playing well in the early part of the game, the player/s collapse later and mess it up. BTW. If I vote again for another game, is my vote removed from the first game I voted for? or not counted? Or can I in fact claim that multiple games are the best game in the tournament? What happens if I vote for the same game more than once?

Garvin Gray    (2008-03-21 15:31:08)

I vote that Mark Haines should learn to paragraph :)

Mark Hailes    (2008-03-21 17:55:39)

Well at least it slightly inhibits my normal propensity towards verbal profligacy!? And might I add a vote that Garvin Gray is taught how to spell my name correctly? :-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-03-24 01:37:15)

Votes are removed after 50 new votes, voting for running games allow to follow interesting games before and whatever the end... Well, I suppose players don't make the error twice about votes but you are probably right about this confirmation dialog, I may change it soon.