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alstonbirks    (2012-03-19)

Virus !!!!!?
hey computer masters out there , i possesed norton anti virus which didn't show the existence of any virus in 2 yrs , but then yesterday i downloaded spyware doctor and avg anti virus and rune up utilities 2006 and i found 630 infections in terms of spyware and 2 trojan hores namely trojan downloader. generic.hgm , and trojan downloader. generic.00b ,
did i do the right thing ??
and what r the other softwares u suggest ???
does any of u have info on these viruses and trojand and their severity levels ????

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jamie94    (2012-04-06 19:21:49)

You should try Kespersky antivirus.
But as you said your computer is full of viruses.. You should clean it with an antivirus first.
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pwhjenny    (2012-10-11 12:04:41)
11 years ago

Yes, you did right. Also I would suggest you to use quick-heal Antivirus.

pwhjenny    (2012-10-19 14:13:12)
11 years ago

Please try using Avast antivirus. But please scan your computer once in month which will be more secured.

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