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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-06-08)
Vacation : now 45 days per year

I think that it will be a good news for most of us !

As it seems that many players have problems with the rapid time control, mainly in championships, and as the championships period has changed (more than 6 months if necessary), I decided to change the days of vacation per year to 45 days instead of 30 days previously.

This should avoid some games to be lost on time and a few players to forfeit all their games because of the time pressure.

This change applies immediately, so everyone now has 15 days of vacation more.

Have a nice time :)

Ulrich Imbeck    (2009-06-08 22:34:27)
thanks a lot!

thanks a lot!

Normajean Yates    (2009-06-09 00:40:56)
Thanks a lot! Much appreciated!

30 days / year can be exhausting. Specially, then, there is a tendency not to take unrated games seriously, so e.g. quality of thematics (and hence opening theory development) suffers.

Garvin Gray    (2009-06-09 06:02:27)
change to vacation policies.

I know this has possibly be discussed, but would it be possible to change the vacation policy so that if a person comes back early from vacation, they can cancel the rest of their vacation and start making moves.

The current policy of not being able to make moves while on vacation would still apply.

Leif Svensson    (2009-06-09 06:20:01)
A good decision!

That is certainly good news!

Normajean Yates    (2009-06-09 08:09:58)
re Garvin Gray' suggestion - abusable..

Cancelling vacation is abusable - player pretends to on 20-day vacation; actually returns suddenly next day - when finds opponent busiest and so on, .. to upset opp's schedule and focus. So, if cancelling-vacation is introduced, I think there should be conditions/consequences. [e.g. if you take 7 days vac. and cancel after 3 days; then 7-3=4 days are added to opp's clock - incl. the 60-day nextmove clock.]

Wayne Lowrance    (2009-06-09 16:44:33)

Hi Tribault. Has this really been a problem ?. I guess a few isolated instances have happened. The change is no problem with me. I believe it will overall tend to slow a percentage of games down.
I guess I would not have initiated the change ( not a popular notion).
Well I am known to speak my mind, no offense intended

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-06-10 02:13:43)
Garvin' suggestion

Hi Wayne, actually I was thinking seriously about Garvin's suggestion in the case of keeping the 30 days per year but consequences were not clear to me indeed, I think that more days is a quite good compromise for everyone (30 days was the only choice due to previous wch cycle duration). It may slow down rapid games but that's probably better than to see a few games lost on time.

Garvin Gray    (2009-06-10 09:49:40)
change to rapid time control.

For the rapid games, I think the issue is the 1 move per game increment.

Perhaps having the time control as 20 days plus 3 days per move would be easier for people to manage and it guarantees that a player will have at least three days per move.

Marc Lacrosse    (2009-06-10 11:08:12)
Garvin : I do not agree

"For the rapid games, I think the issue is the 1 move per game increment. Perhaps having the time control as 20 days plus 3 days per move would be easier for people to manage and it guarantees that a player will have at least three days per move."

This is simply turning "rapid" games into standard ones !

If you feel that the one-day increment is too short then do enroll in standard tournaments

For what regards myself I already stated that I prefer a small number of fast games over a larger number of slower ones (this is even the reason why I more than once declined to play in advanced wch tournaments that were supposed to begin simultaneousy with other competitions I am in).

Just my two cents.


Daniel Parmet    (2009-06-10 15:58:21)
vacation cancel

why not allow cancelling vacation period if you say take '4' days or just allow cancelling vacation max of one day early. There is many times where I go out of town for 5 days and it ends up being 4. I rather let my clock run and move on the 5th day then lock myself out for 5days completely. Letting us cancel vacation one day early would nice.

Normajean Yates    (2009-06-11 11:32:11)
Daniel's suggestion is reasonable..

Daniel Parmet's suggestion is fine: in fact for more than 14 days vacation (say) cancellation up to 2 days early could be allowed..





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