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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-05)
Update : Auto-check (!) in "My games"

A small but interesting update (particularly for very fast players & poker players) :

Now the "My games" page will check if it's your turn in a new game ! .. Then you'll see (!) in the "My games" page title, that you can see in the task manager at the bottom or in your navigator even from another page...

Feedback welcome :)

Don Groves    (2009-03-06 00:20:25)
I don't see it...?

I have several games in which it's my move but I don't see the ! you are talking about.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-06 00:49:04)

Hi Don, just load "My games"... let's say you have 12 pending moves.. just wait.. if suddenly you have a new move to play (so 13 pending moves), the page will reload and you'll see (!) in the page title.

Don Groves    (2009-03-06 07:56:37)

I see the page title in my browser tab get refreshed when the timer expires, but the browser tab isn't wide enough to show the full title. Perhaps if the ! were placed at the beginning of the title it would always be visible?

Scott Nichols    (2009-03-06 10:35:42)
Way to go

This update is a great time saver, and it is one that I didn't even know I needed, but now don't want to live without! Another innovation from Thibault making our experience here even better again, thanks. :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-06 12:34:18)
(!) to Don

"I see the page title in my browser tab get refreshed when the timer expires" : Actually the page title gets refreshed only if you have a new move to play AND when the timer expires... and of course the (!) is displayed at the beginning of the title, so that you can see it whatever its length.

Don Groves    (2009-03-07 00:55:26)

I finally got one ;-)

Don Groves    (2009-03-07 01:00:50)
But then No!

I checked in a poker game. Since I was not the dealer, it was my move again. I waited for the timer to cause the title refresh and there was no (!) in the title. There was a ! beside that game as it was my turn. Should there also be the (!) in the title in this case?

Don Groves    (2009-03-07 01:06:22)
And again...

I folded in a poker game and, again, after waiting for the refresh, there was no (!) in the title. There was a ! next to the game as it was my turn again.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-07 01:46:52)
(!) if one move more to play

Looks normal, the symbol should appear only when there's (at least) one move more to play (so you may have one pending move when you load "My games", the symbol will appear only when you have 2 pending moves when the timer expires - that was not the case in your example).

Don Groves    (2009-03-07 04:14:18)

Thanks for the explanation,Thib! Nice feature too ;-)

Don Groves    (2009-03-08 05:19:16)
Only on the "My games" page...

... or does the (!) also appear if I am on another FICGS page?

Don Groves    (2009-03-11 04:16:19)
On all FICGS pages please

The (!) would be even more useful (imho) if it appeared on all FICGS pages, not only My Games. When I'm on My Games, I'm looking for new moves but if I'm browsing the Forum, for example, having the (!) appear in the page title would alert me to switch to My Games.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-11 11:56:26)

I don't think it would be a good idea cause the page needs to reload to display the (!) .. Imagine you're typing a looooong post (reminds me 2 years ago :)), you're to send it then the page reload "It's your turn".. ;)

As for me, I have one window with the "My games" page, and another one if neeeded with the forum.

Don Groves    (2009-03-12 01:20:52)

True, I hadn't thought of that problem. Browsers should be smarter ;-)

Denis Ivanchenkov    (2009-03-14 22:58:49)
one more improvement

Thibault, is it possible to show captured pieces beside the board - this would help greatly to those players who set up the board to think over the next move.