Unsporting behaviour


Unsporting behaviour

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Lincoln Tomlin    (2008-04-02)
Unsporting behaviour

It would be respectful if players who have no intention of making any more moves in a game would have the decency to resign. Some players on here are carrying on with other games at the same time so are obviously ignoring these games on purpose. It messes around with your grading cycle if you only have a few games awaiting results and I personally find it very rude behaviour. Rant over :)

Patrick Richardson    (2008-04-02 22:54:03)
unsportsman like conduct

I also think that it would pay respect to your opponent if you had a totally lost position, just to resign. To hold on, just because, you can, is just disrespectful, and unsporting like behavior.

Lincoln Tomlin    (2008-04-06 10:53:43)

Why you have to wait over 30 days for someone to resign a position in which they are checkmated(!) is also beyond my comprehension. Allowing a time period is fair enough but there should also be a limit.

Julien Coll    (2008-04-06 11:27:37)
Is this a real problem?


Lincoln Tomlin    (2008-04-06 11:47:44)

Julien. If games miss the next rating cycle because 1) someone cannot be polite enough to resign a game they clearly no longer have any interest in or 2) resign a game they have already lost because they are in Checkmate and 3) because these games are not included in the next cycle you are 1 or 2 games short of a rating allowing you to participate against stiifer opposition then 4) yes it is a problem and as mentioned above unsporting behaviour. ;-)

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-04-06 20:39:41)
Unsporting behaviour

Hello Lincoln. Of course this issue has been discussed here before, in my opinion it is not possible to avoid every unsporting behaviour. This is "included" in correspondence chess rules... If a rule says "checkmate -> game is over", a player would just have to last the game one move before checkmate.. If a rule says "one move before checkmate -> game is over", a player would just have to last the game when his engine says +1.87 .. and so on :/

Andrew Stephenson    (2008-04-06 23:50:54)

Hi Thibault I think in the case of checkmate the system should end the game there and then. I say that not because it would necessarily reduce players spinning out games but because playing on a server this should be automated. Isn't checkmate always the end eg in email (ie non server cc)chess?? I had no idea it wasnt here it is on other servers I have played on. actually I think many players dont know that checkmate does not end the game here and that they have to wait for time to elapse so I dont think players would all stop the move before checkmate abd it would reduce time in some games. Incidentally stalemate should also be an automated draw

Julien Coll    (2008-04-07 12:02:41)
Hi Lincoln :)

OK for checkmates. ... --Does 1 or 2 games really change sthg about the rating? -Taking into account the rating is very often updted here- -- -- Is it really sthg about politeness/unsporting behaviour? I don't think so: for example, is it unsporting and not polite to lack time?-- --It's just a game after all.-- Friendly ;-)

Lincoln Tomlin    (2008-04-07 13:07:31)

Hi Julien. Each cycle requires that you play at least 9 games otherwise you will have an 'estimated' rating. This could prevent you entering certain tournaments for another couple of months because of games hanging in the air through no fault of your own. Yes, it should be a friendly game and people leaving games hanging is not really solveable. However, games that have checkmate positions when the ratings are calculated every 2 months should automatically be ended, imo.

Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff    (2008-04-07 15:56:48)
Call referee

Hi Lincoln,

there is one of the FAQs:

Question - My opponent is checkmated, why the game isn't finished ?

It's a more friendly way and your opponent can send a last message to you. If he does not resign, he will lose on time anyway. (you can call referee if it takes too much time)

So in case of a checkmate you can call referee.

Ulrich Imbeck    (2008-04-14 19:05:39)
i tried to resign

In http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=move&game=15697 i tried to resign. what does i have to do in the move formular?

Don Groves    (2008-04-15 06:11:08)

To resign a game, check the box that says "Resign" and then press the "Send" button

Ulrich Imbeck    (2008-04-19 11:25:44)

I see submit not send. Must be the same.

Garvin Gray    (2008-04-19 12:39:04)
it is

It is