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Michael Aigner    (2009-03-07)
Unrated Tournaments

Sometimes I would like to experiment with some more or less unserious openings (e.g. to "improve" my OTB opening repertoire). I would not like to this in serious rated tournaments, therefore I would be happy if we could have some unrated tournaments (special tournaments area) similar to thematic tournis. What do you think about this?

Josef Riha    (2009-03-07 22:33:06)

Good idea, I agree with you. Here we could test ALL kinds of openings.

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-07 23:56:15)
Unrated games

Hi Michael, that's a very good idea ! (why didn't I think about it before :))

Now thinking about this : If it is unrated, shoult it be a tournament ?! .. or a 2 players 1 or 2 game match ?

Also we may find a funny category name to suggest that this is a place to test new or unusual openings...

Any ideas ? :)

Michael Aigner    (2009-03-08 00:36:05)
Category name

What┤s about "The almost Good, the Bad and the Ugly" as a category? - :-) I think tournaments should be OK, maybe with less participants than in standard tournaments. I guess we would produce a lot of good stuff for Wikichess ;-)

Anthony Jones    (2009-03-08 03:15:13)

The Creativity Lab.

Josef Riha    (2009-03-08 10:09:34)

How about Chaotic Games? :-)

Marc Lacrosse    (2009-03-09 16:19:53)
Unserious openings in serious games!

"Sometimes I would like to experiment with some more or less unserious openings"

For what regards myself I do it all the time in rated games !

For example in my wch-05 semifinal match against D. Ghysens I am busy trying the Hampe-Algaier gambit (not a real success so far) and a Alekhine-Chatard one (much more promising) ... :)

So no need for special unrated tournaments for experimenting IMHO ...


PS you should have a look : this match will win the price for the most excentric openings in high-level correspondence chess (well I hope so).

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-10 11:08:04)
wch-05 semifinal

Indeed, bloody & rare games :) .. "Creativity lab." is a nice name, "Experiments zone" too... maybe it should also mean "just for fun", "unrated" would be easy. Hmmmmm....

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-03-11 11:58:44)
Unrated class tournaments ?

Now I just wonder if there should be unrated class tournaments, maybe less categories (maybe 2000+ and 2000- would be ok) but it may be more interesting for strong players... I'm not sure, what do you think ?!

Michael Aigner    (2009-03-13 16:50:26)

Well, I am not shure if we need any category there. I think everybody should be able to attend this kind of tournis. Best regards Michael

Michael Aigner    (2009-03-13 16:58:32)
@ Marc

Hi Marc, in general you are right when you say you can play unserious openings in serious games - of course. The little problem there is, you can┤t if you want to win. From time to time I can┤t hold back and try it myself. In most of this games I am very happy if I am able to "win" a half point in the end. Have a nice day Michael

Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff    (2009-03-13 18:10:06)

In my opinion unrated tournaments should not be devided into categories according to the ratings of the players. If we have no categories the tournaments are filled much faster.

Rodolfo d Ettorre    (2009-03-14 12:01:27)

Maybe we could try one with no Kat-e-Guries to see if it is OK

Nadia Kaif    (2009-03-20 04:53:02)
Excellent Idea

I really like this idea