Tricks to get more money: Sims 3

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*2a742c    (2010-03-04)
Tricks to get more money: Sims 3

Hello, do you have any tricks to share to get more money in the Sims 3.

I know there are probably codes to get it immediately but I am more interested in ways to make money in the game itself, how do you make more money during a game, what should your characters do?

I read that it is possible to threaten or kill other characters to steal their money, just like in the real life I guess, is that true?

Thanks for sharing!

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bogdady7    (2011-05-20 05:45:02)
Tricks to get more money: Sims 3

Sims 4 is Greats not 3 by the way



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Tricks, zum mehr Geldes zu erhalten: Sims 3    (de)
Τεχνάσματα για να πάρει περισσότ    (el)
Trucos para conseguir más dinero: Sims 3    (es)
Tours pour obtenir plus d'argent : Sims 3    (fr)
Trucchi per ottenere più soldi: Sims 3    (it)
より多くのお金を得るトリック: Sims 3    (ja)
돈을 더 얻는 간계: Sims 3    (ko)
Trucs om meer geld te krijgen: Sims 3    (nl)
Truques para começar mais dinheiro: Sims 3    (pt)
Выходки для того чтобы получить    (ru)
Trick som får mer pengar: Sims 3    (sv)
得到更多金钱的把戏: Sims 3    (zh)

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