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Karlheinz Weber    (2006-09-05)

What means "Ihr Konkurrent bot Ihnen einen abgehobenen Betrag an". This is German and I am German but it makes no sense for me. Ciao Karlheinz

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-05 17:04:09)
Translation : Draw proposal

Hello Karlheinz !

Humm... Babelfish just told me it could (very) approximatively mean : "Your opponent offered a draw".

I still do not speak a single word in German... :/

Thanks for your help.

Karlheinz Weber    (2006-09-05 20:09:23)

I could read this quite some times and I never realized that this means "draw offered"! And continued the game without saying a word....!!! (Please dear opponents, excuse me!) Please write: "Ich biete Remis"!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-05 21:11:03)

That's corrected. Sorry to all your opponents :/

Thanks again.

Karlheinz Weber    (2006-09-06 06:17:11)

Hello Thibault! It is so funny, because your babelfish-translation was something like "I offer you some money" and I always thought: "why does he offer me some money? Does he want me to resign? I think this game is draw"! Great!