Tournaments with quotnormalquot startingfee


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Benjamin Aldag    (2006-08-18)
Tournaments with "normal" starting-fee

Just a question:

Tournaments with money-prices sounds good, but a starting-fee of min. 100$ is in my opinion a little bit to high.

What about tournaments with a starting-fee between 10 - 20 bucks ?


Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-19 00:06:35)
Tournaments with money prices

Hello Benjamin...

Many new tournament categories will be created when entry fees and prices will be available. Some will be designed for granmasters, others for special challenges. We'll have the opportunity to discuss about it in a few months.

Joachim Nettelbeck    (2006-09-03 16:33:42)
First mover loses

I think that besides the entry fees there is areason, why nobody seems to enter these tournaments: First mover loses! When I see someone with, let's say, a rating of 2000 has entered a tournament, and I'm below that, I will never enter it, too. Not if it's about money. So only people with higher ratings will enter, and the first mover is likely to lose his money. Thus nobody enters first. There is a procedure needed which guarantees that the opponents in this kind of tournaments are close to each other in their rating. Or at least the ones who enter will need to be invisible...

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-03 16:45:33)
Re: First mover loses

Hello Joachim.

"why nobody seems to enter these tournaments" : first because they are not open yet :)

As I said, this is only an example. New categories will be created, with formulas as simple and fair as possible, and other ones that could allow to low-rated players to meet strong titled players...

Anyway, all suggestions are welcome.