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Tournament class

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David Angeli    (2006-05-01)
Tournament class

Hi thibault About the "tounaments" topic (je sais pas comment on dit rubrique en anglois ! ;o) ) One thing not very clear for a newcomer like me is the difference between the different classes of tournaments : A, M, is certainly explained somewhere but i'm a bit lazy and it would be easier if it was explained on the same page . Thanks to your site i'm back to correspondence chess :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-05-01 19:01:58)
Class tournaments

Salut David !

About standard & rapid "class" tournaments, they are open to players with ELO rating included into a range, specified just below the tournament name. (ie. CLASS M : 2200 to 2600 , CLASS A : 2000 to 2400 , CLASS B : 1800 to 2200 etc...)

J'espère que tu nous feras profiter de ton gambit favori ;) Bonnes parties !