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Touch move option !

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Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-31)
Touch move option !

Here it is, now you can choose if your moves should be sent as soon as played (without having to push the "Send" button), this works for chess, chess 960 & Go !

This should be a much more convenient option for freestyle/advanced games... at last :)

See your Preferences to change the option.

As usual, please report any bug... Any suggestion is welcome ! Thanks.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-03-31 17:22:26)
Touch move option !

Of course you still can write a message to your opponent & offer a draw or resign after you choose the touch move option, but you will have to do all this before to play your move.

If you want to resign without playing a move, naturally you'll have to push the "Send" button after checking the box. I hope this will look obvious to everyone.

If (for chess) you touched a piece that you didn't want to move, of course you're not forced to play it, 3 solutions for "j'adoube" :

- Just go back to My games then choose your game again and play your move. This is the more secure option.
- Play an illegal that should be not accepted, the page will be reloaded.
- Reload the page by focusing the address of the page in your navigator then pushing "Enter" on your keyboard (do NOT use the reload function of your navigator that would re-send a previous form)

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-04-16 23:14:32)
Touch move option for Poker & Big Chess

Now the touch move option also works for Poker (fold, call, bet, raise & all in buttons) & Big Chess.