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*xiaohe    (2010-12-04)
Tibetan Mila On www.tibetanjewelry1.com

A very rare diamond, its vivid blue has been found to be internally flawless. In fact, it was also Handmade Mila Jewelry the first blue diamond from the De Beers Millenium Jewels Collection to participate in an auction. So, costing $1.25 million per carat, the De Beers Millenium Blue (yes, that’s the fashionable name it’s got) has surpassed the price per carat of the much famous Wittelsbach Diamond. It came quite close to the $1.35 million Mila Jewelry per carat for a 7.03 carat blue diamond and the 5 carat fancy intense pink diamond that was sold in Hong Kong last year at the price of $2.1 million per carat.
  When I see this chic Romantic Rose Quartz Mala, I haven’t related it to Tibetan Mala. Its sweet color makes me feel honeyed. It is so chic that I imagine the romantic love.
Let’s move to this mala. It has 108 prayer beads and each bead is 8mm in diameter. The Handmade Mila Jewelry are well rounded, light, opaque pink with aquamarine gemstone markers and an aquamarine cotton tassel. Semi-precious birthstone evokes emotional Balance. One may find it is wonderfully soothing. You’ll enjoy our lovely, warm rose quartz crystal beads.

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