Thinking in decades of moves


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Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-28)
Thinking in decades of moves

There are many specialists here who are thinking in decades of moves. I mean not the extreme of this, Dinesh, but many other players do it in a moderate way. I accept in principle that it is more effective to use to full capacity of thinking time, because there is a chance, that some players will forfeit in that more time. I think in WCH-Cycle it is much better, because there is no period to control as every move. Perhaps it will be better, if this method can transfused to all other tournaments without changing the average total time for all different types of tournament we have. Just a question.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-28 13:56:08)
Thinking in decades of moves

You mean it would be great to have a 2400+ rapid tournament ?! :)

I think we should keep both formats (standard & rapid) anyway.

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-06-28 16:48:26)
Thinking in decades of moves

Thibault, you've misunderstood! Rapids have 30/+1 day per move. Standards could have 40/+3 days per move. That's the deal!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-06-28 17:03:48)
Longer time control

Ok ! ... I don't think the 40/+40 days per 10 moves should disappear but true, 40/+4 or 30/+3 days per move could be a good time control, maybe less stressful. Anyway, I'm still thinking about to add a category with longer time controls, maybe 50/+5 or 60/+6 days per move (not before september). Feel free if you have any suggestion.