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Thematicall Tournaments

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Miguel Pires    (2006-12-26)
Thematicall Tournaments

Thibault de Vassal i think in the thematical tournaments you should put an double round robin, not only one round. I've played some thematical tournaments and that is what append. Just my opinion Regard's Miguel Pires

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-26 22:40:28)
Double round robin

In 'theory', that's fully right... I finally chose single round robin because double round robin means 6 games more per tournament, meaning less tournaments, less opponents and so on. As thematic tournaments are friendly - not rated - score is not so important, it's more interesting to play different openings IMO.

Miguel Pires    (2006-12-26 22:56:40)
Thibault de Vassal

That's correct but if you play the same oppening with withe and black against the same opponent that is going to help you improve, because you don't wana enter in "his" line