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Thibault de Vassal    (2008-11-26)
The very best Poker hands at FICGS

Here we go :)

November 26, 2008 - Almost 200 running poker games and already a nice best of poker texas holdem hands seen at showdown (one per game only) :

1. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26173&move=36
2. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26208&move=169
3. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26407&move=729
4. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26182&move=94
5. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26234&move=190
6. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26233&move=41
7. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26183&move=41
8. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26311&move=20
9. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26196&move=10

Well, I touched my first four of a kind (aces) yesterday but it seems logical as I'm probably the most addicted player :)

Francisco Gramajo    (2008-11-26 18:43:12)
Best hand or best played hand?

Any hand can be the best, when is played correctly... and that depends on prior hands. Not in the cards showing up. A good hand? I just had one full house K-K-K-10-10 ironically I was playing for K-K-2-2-2 or 10-10-2-2-2 or 10-10-10-2-2. For me the way to play is the key. Later we can discusse about the algorithm to generate cards. Thanks for this website, it is amazing!

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-11-26 19:54:21)
Best played hand or best hand played :)

Right :) .. So let's say "the best hands played" at FICGS. It is always interesting to see how someone plays a straight flush !

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-11-27 19:31:51)
Straight Flush !

We just had the very first straight flush...

1. http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26329&move=109

Benjamin Block    (2008-11-28 19:19:59)
Straight royal flush

The best hand you chould get in texas hold em. The change to get it is 1 of 649740.

Benjamin Block    (2008-11-28 19:25:25)
The link didn┤t worked

it is game Game 26217

Michel van der Kemp    (2008-11-28 19:29:17)

http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26217&move=23 Humm 1 out of 649740? Unless you're playing with an extra deck up your sleeves ;)

Benjamin Block    (2008-11-28 19:43:20)
Humm 1 out of 649740

No! a bit lesser. It is that number in 5 card poker.

Xavier Pichelin    (2008-11-29 15:56:18)
4 For king! VS Full!

http://www.ficgs.com/user_page.php?page=viewer&game=26307&move=23 Very luckly! Best regards, Xavier.

Thibault de Vassal    (2008-12-01 15:34:42)
Straight Flush 5432A

Another straight flush... Indeed, it happens quite 'often' with 7 cards.