The rise of freestyle chess again


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Jimmy Huggins    (2011-06-22)
The rise of freestyle chess again.

Hello to all my FICGS friends! I was wanting to post here to let people know about a live broadcast later today. Me and ICCF GM Arno Nickel will be having a match later to help promote freestyle chess. In truth this is another practice match to try and test a server for freestyle chess. He had own 1st match yesterday. And it was nice to see it being followed. I hope some of you come watch the event. Comments are welcome! :) The match will be at 6:30am Central Standard Time/7:30am Eastern Standard Time/12:30 GMT/ 11:30 Rybka Forum time. Look for a thread in the Rybka Forum/ Computer Chess subforum. The thread will be up several minutes before the match. The time control will be 60min+15sec, which is a common time control for freestyle chess.

For those of you who don't know ICCF GM Arno Nickel. He is in the top 10 in the ICCF and is one of the leading people to promote and bring freestyle chess to the fore front.

I hope to see you today and I'm sure there will be other matches to follow in the future. This will all lead up to a great tournament later on this year. :)

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-06-22 06:56:30)
The rise of freestyle chess again.

But the way his user name is Ciron (Arno Nickel) and my is TheHug.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-06-23 04:21:19)
The rise of freestyle chess again.

Nice demonstration...

Jimmy Huggins    (2011-06-23 05:04:22)
The rise of freestyle chess again.

Yes this was what we was hoping for. The results of the match were not as important to me. The broadcast was good, there will be a tournament later on this year. And I will invite my FICGS friends to play. :) My hope is the that system will support all the games for the broadcast and we get good commentary (I will most likely be one of them :) ). My aim for a date is between Nov-Dec. As this will be in between the first WBCCC and the next. The server is easy to handle once you have a first games under your belt. You are able to run everything though the server. So you can run your engines and books in there. The first freestyle event will be probably be a smaller tournament around 30 people maybe. But my hope is by the 2nd or 3rd edition the we will have good size tournament.

Anyone wishing to try the server and play a game let me know and we will work something out.