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Game result  (poker)

R. Staggat, 2120
H. Lehnhoff, 2091


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Hannes Rada    (2006-04-08)
Thank you !

Thank you Thibault for this great job of creating a chessfriend clone. Chessfriend had definitely the best and most convenient user-interface for server play. I Hope many chessfriend-players will migrate to this server. Once again thank you for your work and support of the correspondence chess community ! Furthermore -There is an overlap in the class tournaments concerning the minimun elo requirement. Can you clarify this ? - No holiday entitlement is mentioned in the terms and conditions hannes

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-08 13:37:17)
Class tournaments overlap

Hello Hannes. Thank you for support :)

The overlap offers the possibility for players to register to several class tournaments, at least to choose. I think it won't be used a lot, but it could be something more for the stronger players who will choose to register to "under-class" tournament as well as other players who may play sometimes with stronger players.

Feel free to tell me what you think.


Hannes Rada    (2006-04-08 13:58:53)
Elo Overlap

Thibaut, I think this "feature" is okay. I just was a little bit confused about it and could not decide which tournament to choose.

Per Lea    (2006-04-08 23:15:01)
Elo overlap

I think the overlap is a great idea. The ratings may come from a lot of different sources and are therefore not necessarily compatible. My ICCF rating is 2136 (why I was given 5 extra points on FICGS, I cannot explain...), but my Norwegian OTB rating is 1631 or thereabouts. That number is probably more realistic....

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-09 10:20:52)
ref : Per

Per, your rating on the last ICCF list is 2141.

Per Lea    (2006-04-09 11:41:46)
Rating improvement...

2141? Now you mention it... I had simply forgotten the latest list! (Hooray! I am 5 points stronger than I thought! Everyone in A_000001 beware!)





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