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Terminator or humanoid robots ?

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thibault    (2009-08-04)


Terminator or humanoid robots ?

Soon Terminator ?  The future is now, robots can run !  That's really impressive, just watch this video from the beginning to the end !

Source : Youtube


L'ère des Terminators approche, les robots sont maintenant capables de courir ! Regardez cette vidéo du début à la fin, c'est vraiment impressionnant.

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 Terminator 4 Humanoid Robot Shot -
reelcomix > 727

 Army Terminators Walk Like Men | Danger Room |
wired > dangerroom/2009/05/army

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 Terminator 4 Humanoid Robot Shot ||
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 Toyota Humanoid Robot Runs At 7 Km/hr (4.35 M/Hr) - Video // Current
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 Toyota’s Running Humanoid Robot Can Travel To 7 mph Hour. You Can’t Knock This Sucka Down. | Loyal K*N*G
loyalkng > 2009/08/03/toyotas running humanoid robot travel 7 mph hour knock suc

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 Present-Day Terminators : Discovery Tech : Discovery Channel
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federaljack > tag

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 Terminator For you: Fujitsu Starts Marketing Humanoid Robot
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 Global Grind - U.S. Army Continues Research on “Terminator” Like Humanoid War Robots
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 Let the Miraikan educate your little humans about robotoids, humanoids and robots! « EDUCATION IN JAPAN COMMUNITY Blog
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 IT PRO: Blogs: Asavin Wattanajantra: Are real-life Terminator robots possible?
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 Starmind: Question on Terminator-Robot, Skynet vs Science: What is lacking?
starmind > question/1309

 HowStuffWorks "How Robot Armies Work"
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 terminator - Page 2 | Gizmodo Australia > tags

Five Reasons Why Humanoid Robots Will Someday Fight Our...
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 Terminator robots in Tokyo (pics) — Pink Tentacle
pinktentacle > 2009/03

 Rise of The Stainless Middle Finger! "Terminator"' Android Uses Nonverbal Skills! - The android is said to be unveiled at the end of th...
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 First humanoid robot | PerthNow > perthnow/story/0,21598,24670685 5017320,00

 The Humanoid Robot Minority Report | Think Artificial
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Can it fetch my beer? Can it wash my dishes? Can it jump? Can it play...
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 Evolution of Robots - Terminator will be a reality sooner than we think - Team-BHP
team bhp > forum/shifting gears/46266 evolution robots

New Verna Sooner than you Expect: Launched as Verna...
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 “Elios” RescueBot, a peaceful Terminator robot
gadgetroad > elios rescuebot a peaceful

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 Angry Robot: Video of Terminator Salvation
angryrobot > 2008/11/10/video of

 Five Reasons Why Humanoid Robots Will Someday Fight Our Wars - Man v. machine - Gizmodo
gizmodo > 5262913/five reasons why humanoid robots will someday fight our wars

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 Review – Terminator Salvation (2009) « Commentary Track
commentarytrack > 2009/05/21/review


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Engineering Faculty Civil engineering Department Third...

 Toyota Running Robot, Humanoid But Creepy: Science Fiction in the News
technovelgy > ct/Science Fiction News.asp?NewsNum=2440

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 Talk:Humanoid Hunter Killer Unit - Terminator 4 (Terminator Salvation)
terminator.wikia > wiki/Talk:Humanoid Hunter Killer Unit

 Movies | Scarecrow suggests | Like "Terminator Salvation"? Try "Class of 1999," "Glen and Randa" or "Children of Men" | Seattle Times Newspaper
seattletimes.nwsource > html/movies/2009243179 scarecrow22

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 Terminator 4: Robots blowing shit up to NIN - Oldschool - Makeoutclub Boards
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 Real Terminator Robots By 2015-2025: Part 1/5
robotmaniacs > 1565/real

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 March of the terminators: But what happens when robot warriors turn their guns on us? | Mail Online
dailymail > sciencetech/article 1182910/March

Solar powered: Amateur astronomer snaps space shuttle and telescope...
Water way to travel! Super winged submersible that 'flies' through...


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