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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-10-01)
Tablebases : Mate in 517+

While I was checking some positions in 6-pieces tablebases, I was wondering what was the longest win found in tablebases so far...

I found the answer here (new record established in May 2006) :

"For some years, this position held the record for the longest computer-generated forced mate. (Otto Blathy had composed a mate in 292 moves problem already in 1889.) However, in May 2006, Bourzutschky and Konoval discovered a KQNKRBN position with an astonishing DTC of 517 moves. This was more than twice as long as Stiller's maximum, and almost 200 moves beyond the previous record of DTC = 330 for a position of KQBNKQB_1001."

What I just can't understand is how is it possible not to know the DTM (Distance To Mate) while knowing the DTC (Distance To Conversion) ?!

Anyway, amazing ! .. Any taker ? :)