TER rating calculation


TER rating calculation

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Herbert Kruse    (2015-12-10)
TER rating calculation

if my opp and i start a tournament with 2400 TER and 2350 TER, but i manage to reach 2420 (from 2350) and he stays at 2400, how will the rating calculated if its a draw?

will i win or lose rating?

Thibault de Vassal    (2015-12-13 21:37:03)
TER rating calculation

Hello Herbert.

TER is taken in account, so your performance will be 2400. Obviously, your rating may decrease by 1 point or so...

Herbert Kruse    (2015-12-14 10:10:03)
TER rating calculation

ok, thats seems not the right thing, but i can postpone the draw, until my rating is lower then

Garvin Gray    (2015-12-14 10:41:45)
TER rating calculation

Herbert, remember, rating is also only calculated at the end of two months based on all the games you have finished in that two month period and is a performance rating of those games.

In fact, from looking at the example given from just this one game, if it was based on just this one game only and using only the ratings at the time of the game, then you would have a rating of 2420 and your opponent would have a rating of 2400, then your rating difference would be larger than the TER of 2400, so in fact by drawing the game, you would lose more than 1 point.

So the TER calculation has helped you, rather than hindered you, in THIS CASE.

Herbert Kruse    (2015-12-14 10:48:02)
TER rating calculation

ok, i formula is not really good, but i can deal with it.
the reason for all of this is, that in a match someone has the advantage of winning with 8 draws, if his TER is higher

Garvin Gray    (2015-12-16 11:39:44)
TER rating calculation

You have now changed the conversation.

Originally it was about ratings and how rating changes are made and why TER and current ratings are used, and I answered part of that conversation, which was not fully explored.

Now you have changed the topic to talking about matches and TER's. That is a different conversation altogether. And then you are debating the format of the ficgs world championship knockout system, which has been debated so often on here.

It is contained in about every tenth thread.

Please choose a topic to discuss. Which is it?

Scott Nichols    (2015-12-16 20:45:46)
TER rating calculation

I saw Wosch won the 12th Wch Canditates final with a 4-4 score. His TER and finished rating was around 200 points below his opp. Why was he declared winner?

Thibault de Vassal    (2015-12-16 21:09:20)
TER rating calculation

Not all games were drawn in this match (yes, it happens :)), so rules apply this way:

"Knockout tournament winner will play round-robin cycle winner in a 8 games candidates final match (stage 4). In case of equality (4-4), the knockout tournament winner is qualified for stage 5 if all games are draw, the round-robin cycle winner if not all games are draw." Arkadiusz is the round-robin cycle winner.

Scott Nichols    (2015-12-16 21:47:21)
TER rating calculation

Thx Thib, makes sense now.