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Suggestion (sponsors)

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Dinesh De Silva    (2006-08-07)
Suggestion (sponsors)

Thibault, Are you looking at the possibility of getting some sponsors for this FICGS website in the near future?! If it materialises, it'll be a win-win situation for all.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-08-08 12:09:40)
Suggestion (sponsors)

Hi Dinesh.

I'm looking at everything of course, it would be great to get sponsors and prizes for free tournaments ie. WCH... The more success, the more chances, so still working. It will take time anyway...

In a near future : Tournaments with entry fees & money prizes should start in October, I have many new ideas to make it attractive for the most, titled players as beginners, and it should bring something to the whole site.

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-08-08 13:08:04)
Re: sponsors..........

That's great to hear.