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Dan Rotaru    (2007-01-24)
Suggestion for rating period

I would suggest that the rating period to be monthly instead of every 2 months. I understand the reason for longer periods between calculation being to avoid big differences but 2 months seems a little bit too long for me. I have noticed that some players with high provisional ratings or who started with high provisional ratings still have a much higher rate after they lost all or almost all their games, and players which started with, lets say, standard 1400 still have lower ratings even they won all the games. And there is no such a difference between the Elo average of the opponents. My point is that a monthly period will increase the dynamic of the ratings and eventually will lead to a much realistic overall ratings and why not to a more challenging environment.. Of course the number of games played will have the biggest impact on re-adjusting the ratings based on results, but a month period will help for example a player to obtain a higher TER sooner and eventually play on a higher ELO bracket tournament. The other reason is that I believe many players will want to see how their rating evolves and a month seems more reasonable. As I said it is just a suggestion, others may not agree with me. Thanks, Dan

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-25 11:54:20)
Rating period

2 months is definitely a good rating period IMO.

The dynamic of the ratings is quite high already, higher than ie. at IECG. "More challenging environment", quite true but it would lead to more lasting games for sure... About your last points, you're right but I'm convinced it would have some bad consequences too.

World championship tournaments also help to find quicker your rating.

Anyway, waiting for other feedback about this point.

Correspondence chess is definitely a game of patience :)

Jaimie Wilson    (2007-01-25 22:06:54)
rating period

In England, our otb grades are only updated once a year (!), so we have it pretty good here IMO. :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-01-26 00:25:02)
rating period

Really ??

Is there any reason for this 'choice' ?