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Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-10)
Suggestion: A best game prize in future

I suggest there should be a BEST GAME PRIZE in the future (if Money Tournaments are a success in the future, which I'm sure it will be. That itself might generate some extra cash needed for this). A prize of.... say....US $ 100+ would be nice! Contenders for best game should be judged by a competent panel appointed by FICGS. Best Game could be selected once every month or once every two months. I think only one game should be submitted per each player, so that there's time enough for the panel to make a proper evaluation of the submitted games.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-10 14:13:09)
Re: Best game prize

Hi Dinesh !

Of course, there are many things like this to envisage.. ie. Wch prizes. It will all depend on money tournaments (working on) & eventual sponsors.

However, I'm not so favourable to such suggestive results... We'll see. If the idea is plebiscited in the future, I just say why not...

Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff    (2006-09-10 14:41:52)
Money torunaments

Hi Dinesh !

I doubt that more money tournaments as free tournaments will take place. And in the moment the waiting lists aren't filling very fast. The period of the first registration up to the start of a tournament gets only even longer by the additional money tournaments.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-10 15:53:02)
Money tournaments

I agree with that. It will take a long time (maybe one year) before all waiting lists are filled in a reasonable short period. But it slowly improves. I'm quite optimistic...

Dinesh De Silva    (2006-09-10 16:19:37)
Re: Money Tournaments.......

I'm optimistic! Probably double-player matches might be more popular than multi-player tournaments in Money Tournaments category, as it gives a better chance to win. Some players might play it for fun too, if GMs could be challenged for a fee. Many possibilities why it'll be a success.

Don Groves    (2006-09-15 09:14:14)
Challenge GMs for money?

This sounds like just another way to pay for a lesson ;)