Strong players needed


Strong players needed

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Wayne Lowrance    (2006-12-31)
Strong players needed

Class A 000012 Tournament needs two more strong player near 2200 to complete the field. Will be nice strong tournament to start 07 Thank you Wayne

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-12-31 23:02:26)
Strong players needed

The tourney is open to 2400 rated. cmon lets have some strong chess starting 07 (did not mean to exclude up to 2400 rated in my last post, sorry Wayne

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-01-01 05:06:43)
strong players needed

welcome aboard our tournament Miguel, with you in it's going to be very good. Wayne

Miguel Pires    (2007-01-01 13:26:59)
Wayne Lowrance

Thank's, I'm going to do my best. lol Happy new year