Stockfish 12 neural network


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Thibault de Vassal    (2020-09-03)
Stockfish 12, neural network

Stockfish 12 is available, and surprise surprise it includes NNUE (efficiently updatable neural network) out-of-the-box. It would be significantly stronger than its predecessors.

Did anyone try it in deep already? Any thoughts?

Herbert Kruse    (2020-09-03 20:18:40)
Stockfish 12, neural network

not that good in corr chess for now, because the network is not good enough

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-09-03 22:20:33)
Stockfish 12, neural network

Now it tops CEGT rating lists, 40/40 and 40/4

Stanislas Gounant    (2020-09-15 01:54:17)
Stockfish 12, neural network

On Larsen openning, SF 11 find theoretical moves, not SF 12.

Thibault de Vassal    (2020-09-16 01:42:24)
Stockfish 12, neural network

By the way, if SF 11 finds these theoretical moves, it can find it kind of "luckily"... it does not mean with certainty that it finds it "better".

Garvin Gray    (2020-09-18 07:05:09)
Stockfish 12, neural network

I do not put much faith in CEGT rating lists. What those rating lists measure is engine play v engine play.

Whilst that can be interesting to see if any 'newcomers' or updates are worthy of consideration, for our purposes of correspondence chess analysis, engine v engine play has some major limitations.

Christoph Schroeder    (2020-09-20 15:23:13)
Stockfish 12, neural network

Interesting article by Conrad Schormann on Stockfish 12:

Christoph Schroeder    (2020-09-20 15:28:03)
Stockfish 12, neural network

... part 2 of the article:

Stanislas Gounant    (2020-09-21 14:07:24)
Stockfish 12, neural network

part 1 very interesting, thank you

Garvin Gray    (2020-10-02 14:56:35)
Stockfish 12, neural network

Tried downloading this engine. After trying the first three options, could not get any of them to work.

What options do I need to select to get this engine to work?

Stanislas Gounant    (2020-10-02 20:05:25)
Stockfish 12, neural network

Usually I choose the executable with BMI2 set up. But for SF12 I've choose SVX2 version.

I've Install it on my old Fritz 11 GUI and all SF version work very well on it.

If you can't use the executable, you must have a very old computer. On wich GUI have you try to install it ?

Garvin Gray    (2020-10-03 04:51:35)
Stockfish 12, neural network

Hello Stanislas,

Thank you for your reply and assistance.

I believe I have been able to solve the issue and it was more simple than I thought.

I was thinking that my attempts to download SF12 and use the engine were being thwarted due to issue with the Neural Network.

But I re-downloaded the engine, loaded it and then changed the parameters and it now loads just fine.

I use Fritz 12 GUI, but I also have Fritz 17 GUI.

And my computer is a decent one and less than a year old, so no issues there.