Star size comparison

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thibault    (2009-06-12)


Star size comparison

Interesting, did you know that the largest known star has a diameter of 2.800.000.000 km ?  That's really enormous...

Source : Youtube


Il y a un grand nombre de vidéos de ce genre sur Youtube, celle ci est assez bien faite pour se rendre compte de la taille minuscule de la Terre par rapport à celle des plus grosses étoiles rouges dites "supergéantes".

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*capura    (2010-05-31 02:20:09)
Star size comparison

The diameter of this star is km.
How can you imagine this size?

*patuve    (2010-12-14 02:22:43)
Il y a 13 ans

I think Hypergiants are the biggest. KY cygni can be 2,000,000,000 the size of the sun!

*roreni    (2011-03-22 22:14:52)
Il y a 13 ans

wow stars area is big


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