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Kym Farnik    (2018-01-17)
Spice up chess? More members

OTB and online chess have moved to faster format games.
The use of rapid, blitz, bullet, and even Armageddon (tie break) games are very common.

An idea to get more involved... 'Super rapid' say 10 days + 12hours / move


Thibault de Vassal    (2018-01-17 05:01:38)
Spice up chess? More members

Another interesting & old topic, very tough actually to make everyone happy when trying to reduce chances of losses on time... still unsolved :)

Clodomiro Ortiz    (2018-01-17 11:59:10)
Spice up chess? More members

I like the idea of a SUPER RAPID TOUR..of course, it is lead to the segment of population with enough available time...remember that sometimes losing on time is a decision some people prefer as a tactic to delay defeat.Anyway, everyone should be responsible for the tour selected...

Herbert Kruse    (2018-01-18 16:41:35)
Spice up chess? More members

players who lose on time wouldnt play faster tournaments
my main theme in ficgs is waiting - more for poker, but for chess games too

Thibault de Vassal    (2018-01-18 18:07:57)
Spice up chess? More members

Anyway, if the apps finally attract new players enough, then I'll be glad to open new tournaments categories... This would be the solution to many things.