Some wishes


Some wishes

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Hakon Anda    (2006-04-14)
Some wishes

I think this server works great after so short time online. However I think there are som possible improvements that could be done: 1. Option that can disable e-mail notification of one own moves. 2. It should be possible to take leave. 3. A better list of our own games, like when last move was done, reflection time left and so on. 4. A flag for every player that shows the nationality and other information that could be found in the rating list. Best regards, Hakon Anda

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-14 17:08:26)

Hello Håkon. Some answers :

1. Maybe try : Preferences -> Notification checkbox
2. Right, other players already asked for this. Now you have 2 months to play a single move, so few chances to be late. The council will discuss about vacation option before to be implemented.
3. Some players asked these informations not to appear in the list to reduce it in size, so you can check this just by clicking on the games. ("when last move was done" : right !)
4. For website design reasons, I can't display many informations on the same page. I don't think flags are essential, but it will probably be implemented anyway !

Hannes Rada    (2006-04-14 19:34:41)

I agree with Hakon's proposal. In my opinion the possibiliy to take leave is absolutely essential. Happy Easter !

Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff    (2006-04-15 16:46:29)

I agree with Hannes. And I would like to take a leave in one or another but not necessarily in all of my tournaments.

Glen D. Shields    (2006-04-15 19:01:14)
Extend Timeout

I agree great server. The board definiely would be better with coordinates. Is there a way to extend the timeout time? Or an option to save one's login information so you don't have to input name and password after being tossed? Thanks!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 09:25:33)
Implemented & vacation

Hello to all.

Cookies, last move & board coordinates have been implemented. Thanks !

Still thinking about vacation, but it doesn't seem obvious to me that it is essential. There's objectively no difference between "vacation" & time for move... Rules on other servers are often a bit hard and to manage vacations is something more to do (and not so easy when you have few time). I would prefer not to hurry players and allow a 2 months time limit per move (= 1 month + 1 month leave by default) Quite more flexible. (!?)

Hannes Rada    (2006-04-16 09:52:16)
time and vacation

>There's objectively no difference >between "vacation" & time for move... >Rules on other servers There is a difference. If the player does not have the time on the clock, because he is involved in many tournaments .... I think we should start a poll about this issue.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 10:12:09)

You're right, Hannes. That's different. In a way, we should call this "reserve" more than "vacation". So it only depends on rules -> depends on council. Not sure it is an obvious thing but anyway, we'll vote that too very soon.

Hakon Anda    (2006-04-16 12:14:19)
Re: Some wishes

Hello Thibault. You wrote: "1. Maybe try : Preferences -> Notification checkbox". The problem is that when uncheck this box, one loose also opponents moves with e-mail notification. I wish to get e-mail notification with oppononets moves, but not my own moves.

Glen D. Shields    (2006-04-16 12:15:33)
A Couple More Suggestions!

Thank you Thibault for your prompt response to my suggestions. Here's another one that you may not be able to do easily. Can you add an option to make the board a little bit larger? And maybe eventually give us chess piece choices or board color choice? My eyesight plays tricks on me as I get older and bt experimenting with the colors, sizes and piece choices it sometimes helps. Just a suggestion! None are big ones. Thanks!

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 12:21:01)
Håkon & Glen

Håkon, you're right (no need to receive his own moves). It will be changed this hour.

Glen, you can change board color in preferences. At least you have choice : Grey, Red, Blue, Green. About the size & other pieces, not impossible, I'll see that.

Glen D. Shields    (2006-04-16 12:37:05)
Thanks Thibault

Thank you Thibault. Please don't rush to make changes. You can only do so much. Just offering suggestions because you genuinely want to listen to the players. We all appreciate that. Thank you :)

Heinz-Georg Lehnhoff    (2006-04-16 15:54:24)
No need to receive his own moves?

Dear Thibault, sorry but I would like to receive my move as mail, especially if I add a message to my move. And in the case of a server-crash it could be helpful to have the total protocol of my games on my computer. Don't you think so?

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 16:02:22)
Right again

You'll have both options very soon.

In case of crash, the database is automatically & periodically saved out of the server.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 17:12:22)
Email notification

Feel free to uncheck the "own moves" checkbox in Preferences if you don't want to receive notification for the moves you just played.

Thank you for feedback.

Hakon Anda    (2006-04-16 17:20:42)

Thanks a lot to Thibault for adjusting the features on this server quickly and smooth for best performance and wishes from us players. Great work!

Henri Muller    (2006-04-16 18:14:39)
some whiches/qqs souhaits.

Pourquoi pas songer aussi à des matches entre DEUX joueurs ?? ( nombre de parties au choix et à déterminer au début !?)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-04-16 18:42:59)
Two players matches

Question about 2 players matches will be discussed too. I first decided not to offer these formulas because it may lead to cheating problems, at least unfair results. I have implemented processes to detect cheaters, but avoiding temptations is probably best for all :)