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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-10-03)
SmartGo, Many faces of Go...

Computer Go seems to be very far from computer chess yet... (more than I thought)

Do you think a playing Go program could beat the best player in future ?
(following discussions I had with several players here :))

I've read the strongest programs could play around 8 kyu level (SmartGo, Many faces of Go). Not so bad, but I suppose it's at a blitz level, what about correspondence Go...

I train myself against gnuGO and I've been told about Kombilo, a free Go program (database), but I did not really enter it. SmartGo and Many faces of Go seem to be really good programs to learn the basics of the game.. but then ? .. Should we learn life and death structures, other things or only practice ?

Roger Weber    (2006-10-03 15:11:47)

The one thing that makes humans good at Go is our ability to recognize patterns.

Go is all about seeing patterns and making strategical moves.

Chess engines are so good at Chess because there aren't that many possibilites to be played, so a computer can calculate the best one by looking at databases.

However Go has a much larger board and much more possibilites of moves for a game, making it impossible for a computer to calculate the best move.

Also computers do not have an AI yet to enable them the recognition of patterns, or not to a degree that humans do.

So a Go-engine could theoretically beat you on a 9x9 sized board, but it is very improbable that it will do so on a 19x19 board.

At least for the moment ...