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Thibault de Vassal    (2009-08-10)
Simultaneous Chess World Record

After the records by Ulf Anderson, Andrew Martin and Susan Polgar, the current Simultaneous Chess World Record has been established this year by Kiril Georgiev, who played 360 opponents at the same time, now Iranian GM Morteza Mahjoob wants to play 500 opponents to bring it at a new level.

Is this kind of record worth something according to you or just a nonsense?

William Taylor    (2009-08-10 16:14:14)

Just a bit of fun really. It will certainly be a good achievement if he manages it, but of course it won't mean he's 'the best' at playing lots of people simultaneously. There are too many factors to try to determine that objectively (number of opponents, rating of opponents, result etc.), and of course the very best chess players spend their time on more serious chess pursuits. :)

Tano-Urayoan Russi Roman    (2009-08-10 19:31:04)
To Mr William Taylor

[quote]and of course the very best chess players spend their time on more serious chess pursuits. :)[/quote]
Excuse me but almost all the top players in the world give simultaneous.
the purpose of the simul is to break to record this does not equate you are the best, but indeed is a huge accomplishment playing so many opponents at the same time the physical fitness needed for this is the same as a top athlete.

William Taylor    (2009-08-12 19:25:31)
To Mr Tano-Urayoán Russi Román

True, the top players do give simuls on occasion. I meant that I'm not aware of any really top players trying mega-simuls like this, trying to break the record (Martin, Polgar, Georgiev etc. are strong players of course, but not top ones). I certainly agree with you that it's a huge accomplishment to complete a simul like this, but I'd dispute that 'the physical fitness needed for this is the same as a top athlete'.

Daniel Parmet    (2009-08-17 19:06:37)
He did it!

apparently according to the comments he has to score a high % for it count and he did score an amazing 88%! That seems ridiculous given a simul with so many people all the participants will have sufficient time to think.

William Taylor    (2009-08-18 16:07:35)
Nicely done






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