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*sims4?    (2010-03-04)
Sims 4 news and videos


Does anyone read something on a future version of the game The Sims 4 by EA games?  Are there videos of demonstration that we can see on Youtube already ? What it will look like, what will be the improvements and finally will it be a real fusion with the game SimCity?  By the way, what is the latest version of SimCity?

I must say I was quite deceived by The Sims 3, it is quite beautiful but the difference with The Sims 2 is not so important in my opinion. I hope there will be more people in bigger cities with more landscapes. Well, just waiting for the real life on my PC!

Thank you for your answers.

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*kotsos    (2010-04-01 16:37:38)
14 years ago

i have sims 3 and i wonder how will by sims 4 !!! will be funtastic!!!!


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