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Show opponents time

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Garvin Gray    (2012-12-22)
Show opponents time

Hello Thibault,

I would like to see a display change.

Currently in my games, either in pending or running games setting, the amount of time I have remaining is showing. I would like to see a column which shows how much time my opponents have remaining.

I think this would be quite useful.

Please make this change :)



Thibault de Vassal    (2012-12-24 22:03:56)
Show opponents time

Well, the main problem is space... there is no problem when names are not too long but this is not always the case.

I tried to make this page as fast to load as possible, I'm not sure if this would be useful but I can envisage this as an option.

Garvin Gray    (2012-12-25 05:14:14)
Show opponents time

Preference option would be good. Those who want it can tick to see opponents time, those that do not want to see it can choose not to.

Not sure if it should be opt in or opt out. Probably opt out. That way you will get more feedback and more people aware of the possible options.

George Clement    (2012-12-31 18:36:23)
Show opponents time

I for this option. It would greatly help with the slow opponents in some tours.

George Clement    (2013-01-07 19:27:15)
Show opponents time

Thibault have you made any progress on this as an option yet? I think it is a real good idea.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-08 01:08:20)
Show opponents time

No :( I'm late again but I should be able to do it within a few weeks.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-23 19:30:49)
Show opponents time

Hi Garvin & George... feel free to tell me what you think of the current display.

Please report any bug if you notice ones :)

George Clement    (2013-01-23 21:08:12)
Show opponents time

Looks good to me Thib

Garvin Gray    (2013-01-24 15:42:35)
Show opponents time

Thank you for this feature. It is certainly beneficial.

No bugs so far.

Also nice that a forum suggestion has been implemented :)

Peter W. Anderson    (2013-01-24 19:57:18)
Show opponents time

It's there but almost invisible with a Grey Shade background.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-24 21:23:20)
Show opponents time

@Garvin: long time, indeed :)

@Peter: now fixed, thanks!

Don Groves    (2013-01-24 23:19:15)
Show opponents time

Garvin: This is far from the first time Thibault has implemented a Forum suggestion!

Peter W. Anderson    (2013-01-25 10:00:54)
Show opponents time

Thanks Thib - much better :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-01-25 12:19:55)
Show opponents time

@Don: Not the first time of course but I'm afraid Garvin is right... Last time was quite a while ago :)

Garvin Gray    (2013-01-25 12:30:04)
Show opponents time

@Don: I did not say it was the first time.
@Thib: The last time a user generated forum idea was modifying the groups, which lead to the idea of the highly successful standard open format :o lol

Don Groves    (2013-01-25 18:25:10)
Show opponents time

I suggest one more slight change in the My Games page: clicking on a player's name shows that player's "information" page.

Thibault de Vassal    (2013-02-02 12:49:58)
Show opponents time

I'm not sure... I'd like to keep this page as light as possible :/ ... If I add a link for each player, I should add it for the account's owner too (for some coherence)... Thinking about another display.