Should cigarettes be forbidden

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*f67628    (2010-01-13)
Should cigarettes be forbidden

Cigarettes are bad for the health, and it is a real drug, that is not to demonstrate anymore, in many cases this industry had to pay to have been responsible of lungs, but should it be forbidden by the law more than to be used by the governments to make money with taxes?

Is it possible to envisage such a change one day in united states or other countries, and should cigarettes be considered and treated like marijuana (cannabis), cocaine or heroin?

What is your opinion?

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سوفت سجائر كنت منعت    (ar)
Трябва да бъдат забранени цигари    (bg)
Pokud by cigarety se zakázáno    (cs)
Bør cigaretter forbudt    (da)
Wenn Zigaretten verboten sind    (de)
Εάν απαγόρευαν τα τσιγάρα    (el)
Si se prohíben los cigarrillos    (es)
بايد سيگار ممنوع شود    (fa)
Savukkeiden olisi kielletty    (fi)
Si on interdit des cigarettes    (fr)
Su taba zama ƙazantattu    (ha)
צריך סיגריות אסר    (he)
सिगरेट किया जाना चाहिए    (hi)
Cigaretta kell tiltani kell    (hu)
Se le sigarette sono proibite a    (it)
もしタバコが禁止されれば    (ja)
만일 담배가 금지되면    (ko)
Indien de sigaretten worden verboden    (nl)
Bør cigaretterna bli forbudt    (no)
Powinno być zakazane papierosów    (pl)
Se os cigarros forem proibidos    (pt)
Tigarile ar trebui sa fie interzisa    (ro)
ESLI сигареты запрещены    (ru)
Trebalo bi da cigarete bude zabranjeno    (sr)
Bör cigaretter förbjudas    (sv)
ควรจะถูกห้ามไม่ให้บุ    (th)
Sigara Gerektiğini de yasak    (tr)
سگریٹ منہی کو کیا جائے گا.    (ur)
如果香烟禁止    (zh)

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