Segregation of Games on this Server


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Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-05)
Segregation of Games on this Server

Dear all,

In my opinion, it would be really useful to get the games segregated month-wise or two months-wise (as the ratings and database gets updated once in two months). As of today, whenever we try to download games and update the database, we happen to download all the previously downloaded games, as it has a collective bunch, and then delete the already downloaded games by doubles check.


George Clement    (2011-02-05 17:03:13)
Segregation of Games on this Server

I think that is an excellent idea Kam. We'll have to see what Tibault thinks I guess.

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-02-06 00:29:16)
Segregation of Games on this Server

Hmm, isn't it easier to replace the complete file? (not so heavy) ... Well, the two options may be better anyway, that's feasible.

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-06 04:14:32)
Segregation of Games on this Server

I will tell why i face the difficulty with my database. I have one single database, which is a collection of games from everywhere, be it Correspondence or be it games from playchess. Then, whenever i download games, i happen to merge them into my main single database. Everytime, i have to run a doubles check.
There is also a funny thing which i noticed. The game file for these games from FICGS is always chess.pgn. I have to create a new DB with crap name (remember: not identical to any name of the DB from which i earlier merged games to my single DB, reason is though the games are different, based on the import database name, the games will be marked doubles) and then merge them to the single DB. Again filtering applies. So, we can help you a bit with ideas to create a collection of games, as I hope everyone deletes the LINE games, which are still underway :)

Kamesh Nookala    (2011-02-06 04:15:39)
Segregation of Games on this Server

Replacing can simply be done. But then, you have to have these games in your DB :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2011-03-31 19:50:04)
Segregation of Games on this Server

Finally, I just made a small update to solve this problem, now you may download chess finished games by 2 months periods, see:

Please report bugs if any... Thanks!