Second match v Rybka Forum


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Garvin Gray    (2012-05-19)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Hello all,

I have been thinking about this for a while, but I was wondering how many ficgs players would be interested in participating in a match vs Rybka Forum.

We tried this concept once before with limited success from an organisational point of view. From a playing pov, ficgs had little success :o

I am thinking something like this for a format:

1) Time control 30 moves initial plus 1 day increment
2) All individual matches are two games
3) Players are to play in rating order. - RF now does have some kind of rating system, at least for WBCCC participants. I think more of their players have also come over to here, so have ratings here.
4) We possibly could use xfcc play, which would allow conditionals to be used, but might mean all the games are played and shown at RF. - Might be possible to have them shown here somehow 'live'.

So, time to get some interest. Who would be willing to participate?

I am going to post this over at RF as well.

Michael Rogers    (2012-05-20 22:16:17)
Second match v Rybka Forum


Would we be using the FICGS interface?

Neel Basant    (2012-05-21 15:38:16)
Second match v Rybka Forum

I am very interested in the team match.
Pls give me chance.

Neel Basant

Garvin Gray    (2012-05-21 15:45:11)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Neel, Planning is only in its infancy and there are many hurdles to overcome.

So stay tuned.

Some of these hurdles include:

Interest from both sites?
Whether we use Rybka Forum's playing client?
If that will be available to all or just RF members?
What the time control will be?
Will players have to play their games on here as well as RF?
Whether conditional moves will be used?
How many players per team?
Is it possible to use the RF playing client, but have games transmitted live on both sites, so all members of both sites can follow the action as it happens?
Will chat be allowed in the games? This could be a sticking point as the two forums run very differently on this issue.
Who plays for which team?

And the list goes on.

Scott Nichols    (2012-05-21 19:06:41)
Second match v Rybka Forum

MY list is short, it would have to be played on here under strict time limit of 30 days + 1 day increment. And I would play for the home team. I think the RF players need to give this server a chance.

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-05-22 19:07:40)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Hi guys, sorry for the delay... I should be able to discuss all recent forum topics within days!

Garvin Gray    (2012-05-27 08:36:57)
Second match v Rybka Forum

It has been confirmed that we can use xfccplay for all the games, if we wish.

Xfccplay is a playing client where players can make their moves and they are transmitted live to the Rybka Forum sub forum where these games will be shown live. Hopefully it will be possible to also show them here live.

To pursue using xfccplay further, I need to know if anyone who is considering playing would be not willing to play if the whole match is held using xfccplay, rather than making moves on here.

I certainly do want the second match to be very different to the first. To start with, that no games end with time outs.

Likely format:

Time control: 30 days initial plus 1 day increment.
Format: Each player plays two games against a single opponent
Number of players for each team: As many players as we can get for both teams
Board Order: By rating for those who have ratings on the site they are playing for. Others can be placed at captain’s discretion.

Sebastian Boehme    (2012-05-27 20:53:48)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Basically interested. Get the stuff rolling guys. ;-)



Thibault de Vassal    (2012-05-28 16:32:40)
Second match v Rybka Forum

How do we avoid time outs? :/

Well, games may be played on RF (using Xfcc or not) or here, or on both sites (players choice).

Garvin, I'm afraid that games played through Xfcc cannot be shown here but that's not so important if it is viewable at RybkaForum.

Garvin Gray    (2012-06-01 20:20:07)
Second match v Rybka Forum

I have been informed that the conditional move system of xfccplay can not be removed just for one tournament, so if we use xfccplay for at least half the games, conditionals will be in operation.

I still think we can go ahead with using xfccplay, just that the half of the games that are played using xfccplay will have conditionals, and the ones played here will not.

While it is an issue, it is not a big issue, or a showstopper.

Everyone will still be playing two games against the same opponent. One here and one with xfccplay at RF. I will give a couple of days for feedback. If there is no discussion, I will formalise details and then we will move on to official collection of entries, getting players familiar with xfccplay and then on to the games proper.

Garvin Gray    (2012-06-06 13:53:31)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Hello all,

Current discussion here:

Following discussions on RF and now what looks like a completely different format to what I was proposing and ideas I had in mind and seeing what looks like a no compromise situation from the RF side, it looks almost certain that I will not be having anything to do with organising this event, or participating for either side.

When I first came up with this idea of trying to get a second match going, one of the main ideas was to help promote both forums and playing clients to a wider audience, and especially to the better players for both sites.

Now that I see what RF seems to have in mind, or at least what they are willing to accept for playing conditions, I find them wholly unacceptable and contrary to the ideas and purposes originally intended.

The current proposed design really does have a pro RF feel about it, in that FICGS players will have to learn how to use xfccplay to play on here, plus possibly sign up an account, but RF players will not have to do the same at FICGS. I am also wondering, what happens if the high majority of players from both sites say they only want to play on their own forum. This whole competition falls over.

RF 'bosses' have been kind enough to allow xfccplay to be used for these games to make them a better product. I do not think it is unreasonable for RF players to play some of their games on FICGS.

Secondly, the current proposed design also goes competely against another original idea, which was to have the top player from RF competing against the top player from FICGS. And so on down the boards. This current design will most likely result in random board pairings and henceforth likely mis-matches, rather than having showpiece games and at the same time having the bottom players from both sides games counting as much as the top board. Potentially it could now be the top player from FICGS against the two bottom players from RF and vice versa. That is ridiculous.

So all in all, I have proposed a format originally on both sites. I do not see the current proposed format as achieving anything substantial and certainly not in the vein of the original ideas. Had I known the current structure was going to be proposed, I never would have bothered proposing this in the first place.

Unless the current structure changes, I hereby resign as overall organiser and go between for both forums and also as a participant in the second match.

Kind regards,

Garvin Gray

Nick Burrows    (2012-06-07 15:30:53)
Second match v Rybka Forum

How about a match vs LSS?

Garvin Gray    (2012-06-08 11:07:00)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Following on from my post above, we will now be going with the format originally posted, which is:

1) Time control 30 moves initial plus 1 day increment
2) All individual matches are two games
3) Players are to play in rating order. - RF now does have some kind of rating system, at least for WBCCC participants. I think more of their players have also come over to here, so have ratings here.
4) Xfccplay will be used for the games played at RF
5) Conditional move system will be used for the games played at RF. Games played here will be using the standard interface.

Both sides are going to have to make compromises. Ficgs players who are not already familiar with xfccplay are going to need to learn how to use it and will also need to join RF.

RF players, who are not members of here already, will need to sign up to here and learn how to use this interface.

I can not give a definite sign up by this date yet as some of the nuts and bolts are still being worked out.

Can everyone start saying if they are going to play? I hope this will be more than just the players who already play in WBCCC as I do hope it is the best players from both sites participating as well.

Thibault de Vassal    (2012-06-08 18:05:51)
Second match v Rybka Forum

@ Nick : why not, I'd be glad to organize such a match with LSS but I will not propose it, many players here came from IECG/LSS.

@ Garvin : just tell me when I can announce the match in a newsletter, we'll create a new forum topic (and/or if you have a public email) for registrations.

Daniel Parmet    (2012-06-09 05:36:02)
Second match v Rybka Forum

As far as a Rybka Forum match goes, as long as the time control is 30 days + 1 day increment then I would love to play.

As far as LSS match goes, I would only agree to play if it was on FICGS whree Thib would have control rather than the insane man that runs LSS.

Garvin Gray    (2012-07-29 03:24:12)
Second match v Rybka Forum

I think we are now finding out which players would be most likely to represent ficgs in a ficgs v Rybka match.

Garvin Gray    (2012-07-29 03:24:47)
Second match v Rybka Forum

I am intending to try and get this going again, but will wait a week till everything settles down and we are certain that the website is working as it should.

Nick Burrows    (2012-07-29 04:23:08)
Second match v Rybka Forum

I would like to play if needed.

Garvin Gray    (2012-07-29 05:04:52)
Second match v Rybka Forum

Everyone is needed :)

Read the conditions at the top of the page to see if you are comfortable with them.