Scoring function for Go


Scoring function for Go

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Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-12)
Scoring function for Go

Hello to all.

I'll add in a few days a scoring function for Go games. Players could retire dead groups, then the program just covers the board (line after line & column after column to compare) and adds empty spaces points to the stones that surround it. The aim is to give an evaluation of the position only, not to decide the result automatically.

Just tell me if you have an idea about a better algorithm, as I realize the difficulty of programming Go.

Thanks in advance ! ;)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-09-15 17:09:17)
Scoring function for Go

The scoring function for Go is now online !

When you are to play your move, there's a (Score) link under the Goban, that leads to the score page. Just enter a stone coordinates (ie. f14) for each group to remove, separated by space or coma, then Submit.

The score is calculated by covering the board horizontally, then vertically... If the two results are near from each other, the estimation may be quite good. Empty points between black stones and white stones are shared !

Here is an example -

Game 814, removed groups : m19 l16 f13 d11 f7 g4 k4 b5

Scoring method : Horizontally
Black points : 240 White points : 106 Unknown points : 15

* Scoring method : Vertically
Black points : 238 White points : 102 Unknown points : 21

Black wins the game by about 135 points.

Reminder : This program doesn't decide the game, it gives an evaluation only !! .. It's up to the players to discuss the score, then resign.

All feedbacks welcome !