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Wayne Lowrance    (2010-06-25)
Save/Reload hash in Rybka

Howdy all. I am very excited. I just learned how to use the above option found in Engine folder. All these years I have never used it, never understood it, so saw no need.
I am on Rybka forum all the time and saw this talked about. What a great tool in my opinion. Here is how it works.
How many times have you ran infinite analysis only to have to shut down or reboot etc. If you do it you loose all of Rybka analysis accumulated to that point and a complete loss of time.
For example:
suppose Rybka has been analysing for hours and is a depth 26 current. Before rebooting Rybka go to engine folder and tick "save hash" All of Rybka current positional analysis collected up to 26 is then saved in a file you create.
When you restart Rybka, load your game and go to engine folder in Rybka, tick "load hash" and start. Rybka will begin at depth 26 where it left off from your hash save.
Golly Terrific.

Thibault de Vassal    (2010-06-25 21:46:41)
Save/Reload hash in Rybka

Looks like a great feature, indeed. Thanks Wayne for the explanation!

Garvin Gray    (2010-06-27 15:21:26)
Save/Reload hash in Rybka

For which interface/program is this setting?

Wayne Lowrance    (2010-06-27 22:35:14)
Save/Reload hash in Rybka

Howdy, I have CB Rybka (F12).

Garvin Gray    (2010-06-28 12:40:37)
Save/Reload hash in Rybka

Ahh good, you are using CB Rybka (F12).

CB I take it stands for chessbase.

I have been trying to following procedure in Fritz 12 to save hash, but does not seem to be working for me.

After using infinite analysis, I go to engine (home-insert- board options at the top of the gui.).

I then choose change main engine and then click on engine parameters. Do I have this right so far?

Then I click on save hash. Do I need to tick preserve analysis?

I have even tried after saving hash and then restarting F12 clicking on load hash, but nothing I seem to try gets the engine to go back to where I was with the previous analysis.


Wayne Lowrance    (2010-06-28 18:40:50)
Save/Reload hash in Rybka

Howdy. I had all sorts of trouble with it too. I finally posted it on Rybka forum. But first, I am not sure your going about it correct. You just need to go to select new engine, then set engine parameters, and there you find save/load hash. Sounds like your getting to this point anyways.
Ok, I paste what was told me at the forum.

This is msg I get when ticking Save Hash (Save hash failed). I created a folder R4.rsh
but apparently it is not found the path is:
C:\users\administration\documents\ChessBase\nogames\EngineParameters\Deep Rybka 4x64\R4.rsh
What am I doing wrong. R4 manual no help.
Fritz12 GUI & Vsta

That was question post:

I think you need to create a file not a folder. :grin:
Nothing ventured, nothing gained...
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this is 1 of 2 responses. Other is from Vas himself as follows.

You need to create a dummy file - you can just do that with notepad or something.

This last was from Vas.
Ok, summary :) All you have to do is create a file.rsh: (By the way, My Son stopped bye and he said "dad I will do it for you)" So he created the dummy file "file.rsh". works fine :)
Hope this helps, Wayne