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alstonbirks    (2012-03-16)
SEO general

Is there any SEO tool or general records to find downtime of a host?
if known pls tell me?

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tie down straps
moving blankets

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flight12    (2012-04-11 21:35:13)
SEO general

SEO is the search Engine optimization. it is  a part of internet marketing and very useful for promoting the website. it not only optemize the website but also improves its visibility.


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jcplumbing    (2012-04-13 15:44:49)
11 years ago

I was a web designer just out of college and my boss had just become a partner with (they used to sell band merch) so my boss decided that since I was ther nerdiest guy on staff I needed to learn to rank for terms. Started with on page optimization (which on a domain like that was plenty). After finding blue hat seo and then wickedfire I started to go grey.

daniel12    (2012-04-18 19:55:39)
11 years ago

SEO is the Search Engine optimization. It is the field of Internet and Website promotion.



timcadman    (2012-04-26 12:16:20)
11 years ago

Given this dynamic, web positioning strategies are critical . Since on the other hand, after a search of less than 40% of Internet users reached the second page of results that provides a search engine, and only 10% check to the third. This is where it is clear the need to achieve visibility and to achieve this we need to think like search engines to better communicate with them.

Google, Yahoo, MSN and company order their results through mathematical algorithms that undergo analysis hundreds of factors. Each company uses a different formula and the idea is not decipher.


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seosolutions84    (2012-05-03 13:24:28)
11 years ago

SEO is a service which increases websites PR & visibility.



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