Rybka vs Zappa Mexico


Rybka vs. Zappa Mexico

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Thibault de Vassal    (2007-09-22)
Rybka vs. Zappa Mexico

While Anand, Kramnik and the other top chess players fight for the FIDE crown, it seems that another match is taking place in Mexico : Rybka vs. Zappa "Mexico".


More info at Rybka forum - http://rybkaforum.net

Wayne Lowrance    (2007-09-22 04:51:57)
Tough match for Rybka (n/t)

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Garvin Gray    (2007-09-22 06:25:41)
walk in the park

Tough match for Rybka

Are you sure about that? Zappa programmers have only worked on upgrading the engine for eight days and before that they were in 'retirement' with no major updates coming out since Zanzibar. Zappa has admitted that 'Zappa Mexico' wont be much of an upgrade from Zanzibar.

Rybka has been upgraded and tuned many times since Zappa won the WCC. I think Rybka should win this match 6-4 or 7-3 with no losses.

Garvin Gray    (2007-09-23 11:04:14)

Would you guys also want my lotto number predictions :o

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-09-24 01:04:39)
Rybka vs. Zappa

What a surprise... Zappa now leading the match 3,5-1,5


Even if Rybka plays without tablebases, the point is "The match will be played on two identical 8-cores computers"... So it probably means that Zappa's author Anthony Cozzie did it really well while implementing multi-processors engine. It would be interesting to know the performance of both engines compared to single processor version. Can Rybka be improved significantly this way ?! .. We'll see it soon, anyway nice to see a "real match" :)

Garvin Gray    (2007-09-25 02:05:44)
home preparation


I see you refer to the game 6 result. They didnt really. Almost the whole game, especially for Zappa, was home prep till about move 35.

Andrew Stephenson    (2007-09-25 10:28:20)

I have to say guys having worked quite a bit now with Rybka (single procesor version) it has some flaws defending against attacking positions - sometimes underestimating the attackers chances and not just in irrational or very complex positions. So whatever the role of opening books (obviously big) I am not surprised at the result so far. Thats to take nothing away from Rybka - great program.

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-09-25 22:00:51)
4,5 - 2,5

Another draw today (I read "wild draw and missed win from Zappa"). It seems that Zappa is going to win the match... but is this result significant as the engines worked on 8 cores ?! .. Hard to say, I just wonder if/how Rybka's performances can be improved on such computers...

Wolfgang Utesch    (2007-09-26 15:25:11)
4,5 - 2,5

Thibault, this result of a small nuumber of games has no statistical significance. But Zappa seems to be a very strong engine!

Thibault de Vassal    (2007-09-28 03:43:36)
Zappa wins the match

Finally Zappa beats Rybka 5,5-4,5, which is quite an enormous surprise !

Many interesting discussions followed in forums about chess engines programming, Zappa & Rybka strengths and weaknesses, how search & evaluation functions influence each other... and luck :


Thibault de Vassal    (2007-10-14 01:48:13)
Rybka mp.

An interesting discussion about Rybka & Rybka mp.