Rybka tablebase work qround bug


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Wayne Lowrance    (2009-07-23)
Rybka tablebase work qround bug

Thanks to Kullberg of Rybka forum fame. This long known bug has a work around that works. Just set max cpu to N-1, then exit and go back to engine paramaters and reset it to N where of course N is equal to max cpu's of your computer. then exit. That is all there is too it. It works, no one knows why, save Vas who said "it is now clear".

Thibault de Vassal    (2009-07-24 12:01:41)
Rybka 4

I did not experience it (I couldn't anyway) but it should be fixed for all multi-core users in Rybka 4 which is planned to be out in a few months, if I remember well.