Rybka is World Computer Chess Champion


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Thibault de Vassal    (2008-10-06)
Rybka is World Computer Chess Champion

No surprise, Rybka wins the 16th World Computer Chess Championship (2008)... Strangely, Rybka was running on the most powerful hardware, a 40-core system, in comparison Mobile Chess was running on a Nokia cell phone, so results are to be compared. Anyway, good result for Hiarcs, and a (very) bad tournament for Shredder.

The tournament results :

Rybka 8.0 / 9
Hiarcs 7.0 / 9
Junior 6.0 / 9
ClusterToga 5.5 / 9
Shredder 4.5 / 9
Falcon 4.0 / 9
Jonny Beijing 4.0 / 9
Deep Sjeng 3.5 / 9
The Baron 2.5 / 9
Mobile Chess 0.0 / 9

Sebastian Boehme    (2008-10-06 19:39:00)
Sort of a hierarchy here

Well it is quite simple, the best engine on best hardware. Anyway good that at least Junior and Cluster Toga managed to get a draw from Rybka. Too bad Hiarcs played such a bad opening, or there had also been a chance for maybe a draw. Anyway congrats again to Rybka team for this win!

Benjamin Block    (2008-10-08 18:11:30)
Why a mobile?

A mobile can never run that fast like a computer. And not even that big openingsbook and endtable? Why not test a other computer? Anyone know where i can found the game? Want to see how fast the mobile lose?

Harvey Williamson    (2008-10-24 10:17:11)
The Games and Photos

Can be found here http://hiarcs.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1677 Hardware was indeed an issue ranging from Rybka on 40 cores, Hiarcs on 8 and the Mobile phone!