Rybka clearly the best


Rybka clearly the best ?

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Daniel De Noose    (2006-12-13)
Rybka clearly the best ?

This week I have tested Rybka againt 3 others engines.

The parameters :

Intel Centrino 725 (1,67 Ghz), 64 Mb Hash Tables, games in 10 minutes (+ 2 seconds per move) for each "player", Shredder 9 interface, 20 games' matches, HS-Masterbook Opening book .

The Engines :

Rybka 2.2 W32, Gambit Fruit 1.0 Beta 4bx, Toga 1.2.1a and Shredder 9.

The Results :

1) Rybka - Shredder 9 :

15,5 / 4,5 (+13,-2,=5)

2) Rybka - Toga 1.2.1a :

12 / 8 (+8,-4,=8)

3) Rybka - Gambit Fruit :

13,5 / 6,5 (+10,-3,=7)

The comments :

Rybka seems to be clearly the best for the moment ... I would like to test Rybka against other engines like Fritz 10, Shredder 10, ... but I don't have these engines. Perhaps later... ;-)

Do you have comments about this ?

Wolfgang Utesch    (2006-12-13 16:37:20)
Rybka clearly the best ?

There are many investigations of chess engines in web their resultats are showing the same like yours. But the open questions is whether playing against other chess engines is the same like assisting human to analyze a chess position?

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-12-13 17:13:33)
Rubka clearly the best !

Yes, iv'e seen similiar postings with similiar results. I am wondering if programs like DF10 are better in coorespondence chess such as in the centaur mode. I have also read that DF10 is probobly better against a human. Ie recent match. And their is the latest Hiarcs etc...very interesting to me.

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-14 00:09:56)
Rybka clearly the best engine vs. engine

I fully agree with both of you... We must be careful, even if all these results are really impressive, most chess engines have been designed to play against humans and to be useful analysis tools. As I said in another thread, there are still many things to improve to make it the best engine vs. engine fighter.

Nowadays, the best chess engines try to 'think' like humans and actually have inherited human weaknesses from them, so IMO a Hydra or Deep Blue would crush ie. Shredder or Junior which try to make it harder for human brain while Fritz is clearly better balanced.

Maybe this new engines generation started with Fruit which plays very solid. So Rybka, which is clearly designed to beat his rivals but I'm not convinced at all it is a better tool to play correspondence chess.

James Stripes    (2006-12-16 16:21:38)
Rybka vs Kramnik

When Rybka defeats the top human in a match, it will earn something far more important than demonstrating its prowess over silicone opponents.

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-12-18 19:18:21)

Yes I dont think Tribault will agree with this as I seem to recall that he said that "most Engine programmers program them to play Humans" or something to that affect. ( I am too lazy to check out Thibault's direct quote). Having said that It is my believe that they direct their respective programts to beat other programs. Reason being that it promotes sales better. Wayne

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-12-18 19:34:15)
Having said that

My personal Feeling is that Rybka has not proved itself in coorespondance chess and especially against top Gm's. It makes a lot of silly computer moves as do all engines That a Gm will exploit. So I guess I agree, more or less with Thibault that chess fritz10 probobly is #1. I have purchased all of the fritz engines except for fritz 9 and the new fritz10, which explains why I jumped on the chance to get fritz 9 for free here this site. Forget about that free stuff, but that is another subject that I wish not go into. P.S. Maybe Santa will deliver F10 to me :)

Thibault de Vassal    (2006-12-18 22:17:31)
Rybka vs. Human

I agree with James, Rybka has to prove he can defeat the best players. It may be not so easy... (I don't know if it was what you meant, Wayne !?)

Wayne Lowrance    (2006-12-18 23:24:14)

That's exactly what I meant Wayne